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​Navigating your journey to parenthood with unforeseen fertility challengeshormonal imbalancesundiagnosed medical conditions or battling with the constant reminder of the "ticking clock" can be BEYOND OVERWHELMING when you're ready to get pregnant -- especially when you've never been given the key essentials to advocate for your fertility health and naturally optimize your chances for conceiving. Truth is:


  • 1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy.

  • Infertility affects men and women equally.

  • Up to 80% of couples conceive within the first 6 cycles of trying to conceive when couples understand AND time intercourse to their "fertile window".

Let's face it ---- we were never taught how COUPLE FERTILITY truly works or how to best support the bodies of both partners after transitioning off the pill ---- or any other hormonal contraceptive for that matter. Relax, and allow us to help you save TIME, MONEY and UNWANTED STRESS on your journey to parenthood!

If you're beyond tired of people telling you to "just relax", or to "stop over-thinking it" or maybe even to "hurry up before you get too old" - you've found the right place. 


Welcome to a JUDGEMENT - FREE ZONE that supports folks on all stages of their fertility journey.

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You're HERE because you are tired of feeling IGNORED, UNSUPPORTED, DISCONNECTED and CONFINED to the four walls of the traditional women's health medical model and want to explore a whole -- centered approach to fertility care that includes space for your partner too. Many couples struggle to start their families because they only focus on ovulation timing. BODEfinity takes a comprehensive approach to fertility. Before we embark on this journey together, it's important that you learn how to start getting quality 


RESTORE hormonal balance          and soft tissue health.

ELIMINATE behaviors contributing        to pelvic inflammation.

SUPPORT your body's ability to heal           naturally. 

TAKE time to listen to what your
    body is trying to tell you.

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Finding the path to parenthood looks different for everyone and no one should have to follow the same cookie-cutter approach to conception.


Often times, women report feeling alone, isolated and disconnected from their bodies and their partners on their journey to conception. BODEfinity prioritizes COUPLE FERTILITY with unmatched, unbiased, evidence-based fertility education and resources that are essential for bringing couples together and strengthening their bond as they journey to becoming the best version of themselves and are equipped with the tools they need to optimize their health and, as an extension, their fertility goals - TOGETHER!


Getting Started is SIMPLE.

SCHEDULE complimentary virtual/phone consult with us.

GET CONNECTED with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Fertility Awareness Educator and Integrative Pelvic Health Specialist to receive a thorough pelvic wellness screen to include a medical history review, detailed analysis of your menstrual cycles, partner's  and sexual health history.

CHECK YOUR EMAIL to receive your 
Preconception Support Plan to help you and your partner jumpstart your journey to Parenthood - with LESS stress and MORE support.

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Consistency is KEY!
Fertility Wellness is a Journey, not a Destination.

Our Couple's Preconception Detox Plans offer a harmonious blend of traditional and holistic pelvic therapies that aid in:

  • Optimizing fertility and cycle health.

  • Restoring hormonal balance.

  • "Decongesting" the pelvis to aid in reducing inflammation.

  • Improving blood flow to your reproductive organs.

  • Enhancing sexual wellness and excitement in the bedroom for deeper connection with partner.

  • Increasing self-confidence

  • Restoring connection to mind, body, and spirit for healthy womb environment for conception.

STOP surviving and START thriving.

Transform your health from struggling with fertility challenges, exhaustion, and anxiety to getting to the life you deserve!

Your Journey to Pelvic Wellness Awaits...

Meet The Team

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Founder/Clinical Manager


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