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Pink Sugar

Fertility Doula Care built for the WHOLE you!

Holistic Fertility Doula Packages

HIGHLY BENEFICIAL for singles or couples ready to take a deeper look at varying factors that may be prohibiting conception. Partner with a Fertility doula and gain customized fertility doula plans to optimize your chances of conceiving. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to conception and we help you and your partner gain confidence in the journey to conception.

Pelvic Physical Therapy for Pelvic Pain

HIGHLY BENEFICIAL for folks suffering from pelvic pain (ie. menstrual pain, endometriosis, painful sex, vaginismus), C-section recovery and postpartum myofascial release.

Natural Family Planning Classes

HIGHLY BENEFICIAL for singles or couples thinking of starting a family within the next year ---- couples who've been trying to conceive for 0 to 6 months ---- or for persons wanting to ditch the side effects of hormonal birth control and manage their fertility naturally with a method over 99% effective.

Mercier Therapy for Mindful Conception

Mercier Therapy is a non-invasice, gentle, yet highly effective pelvic organ visceral manipulative therapy technique used to increase blood flow, restore reproductive organ mobility and alignment and address adhesions within the pelvis and abdominal viscera for a much needed fertility boost before.

1-on-1 Preconception Charting Support

HIGHLY BENEFICIAL for singles or couples who want to gain more insight on their overall cycle health (ie. ovulatory status, thyroid health, cervical mucus changes) and take the 'guesswork' out of finding their fertile window to shorten time to conception.

Pelvic Floor Labor Prep

HIGHLY BENEFICIAL for any mom who wants to rock twho want to have an easier labor, shorter pushing time and learn BEST labor positions and breathing techniques for minimized risk of perineal tearing or episiotomies. 


Most Popular Doula Packages

  • Ditch the Stress With PCOS 

  • Sensual Solutions

  • Gut Instincts: Fertility Detox

  • IUI/IVF/Egg Preezzing Cycle Prep

Natural Beauty

Our Specialties

  • Fertility & Hormone Charting for TTC 

  • Mercier Therapy for Fertility

  • Pelvic Physical Therapy for Painful Sex 

  • PCOS Smoothie & Juice Recipes​​

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