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Our Story

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Bodefinity was founded by Dr. Jackie White, PT, DPT in hopes of gifting women with a holistic wellness space and life-changing tools to navigate fertility challenges and chronic pelvic pain from a place of empowerment and confidence.


TRUE informed consent is the foundation of our integrative pelvic wellness model. Providing clients with unbiased, evidenced-based research is the only way to help individuals and couples make the best decisions when it comes to their fertility and pelvic health. You deserve to know the facts.


The commitment you make to caring for your pelvic floor will better equip you for dealing with life’s inevitable twists and turns with grace and resiliency. Evidence-based pelvic care is should not be confined to the walls of a clinic, which is why BODEfinity provides a holistic and fluid journey to wellness. Fertility is not limited to being able to reproduce - it is the innermost essence of your creative energy ability to thrive in a world filled with ups and downs.

Then came Bodefinity ...

As a full-time physical therapist, fertility awareness educator, wife, and mom of the “shortest napping pre-schooler on Earth”, I slowly came to the realization that being a mom requires an overflow of energy and patience. Although elated and overjoyed to be a new mom, after the birth of my daughter, I spent months constantly giving from an empty tank resulting in anxiety and frustration. 


Diving into the world of fertility as a pelvic health physical therapist not only gave me a release, but it gave my life purpose. I knew that there were so many individuals and couples that could benefit from natural fertility treatment without the added stress and overwhelming costs -- they just had to know that natural and effective fertility care exists. I double dare you to choose today to take control of your pelvic health and happiness for the best reason in the world - YOU.

Degrees & Certifications: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Holistic Fertility Doula, Certified Health Coach, Certified Mercier Fertility Specialist, Restorative Yoga Instructor, Guided Meditation Facilitator, Natural Family Planning Instructor (in-practicum), Certified PeriSteam Facilitator, Certified Dry Needling Specialist


Our Mission

"To EMPOWER you to HOPE and HEAL for the best to come."

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Our Vision

"To change the future of fertility care for ALL who DARE to heal on demand."

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