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Fertility Charting Consult

Fertility Charting Consult

Navigating fertility charting, ovulation tests, BBTs, cervical mucus - all while working can be intimidating and tricky at times depending on your fertility status and/or underlying health conditions like PCOS, pelvic pain, absent or irregular periods.


During our time together, we will take a deep dive into fertility charting tips and hacks for nailing your fertile window and resources to utilize to prepare your mind and body for healthy conception.

Explore your fertility journey with comprehensive Chart Assessment and Interpretation, covering BBT, LH Surge, CM Readings, Progesterone, and Intercourse Timing. Gain insights on addressing challenges like Irregular Cycles, Unexplained Infertility, Miscarriage History, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, and more. Engage in a meaningful discussion about your specific fertility concerns and frustrations, and receive expert guidance for the next steps on your path to fertility optimization.


Time: 30 minutes


Please email our support team at for booking calendar and appointments.

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