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What is Pelvic Steaming?

Pelvic (Vaginal) Steaming is an ancient women’s health practice that current research finds to be a traditional practice in at least 28 countries worldwide! Despite the negative thoughts and skepticism surrounding pelvic steaming, Bodefinity clients continue to sing praises years after we made the decision to integrate Pelvic steaming into our business model.

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Steam Plan Options


  • appropriate for ALL FIRST - TIME steamers

  • Unscreened clients

  • Sensitive users

    • prone to short menstrual cycles (27 days or shorter)​

    • IUD

    • prone to infections or herpes

    • women with excess heat (night sweats, hot flashes)

    • girls under 13 years of age

    • prone to fresh spotting

    • history of spontaneous bleeding (bleeding on other days of the cycles outside of the period)


  • appropriate for those who have steamed before

  • has been screened by PeriSteam Practitioner

  • cycles are 28 days or longer

  • no existing contraindications present

Fill out the intake form below for your customized steam plan.

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What alternative ways is Pelvic Steaming used in your practice?

Pelvic Steaming can also be used as a stand-alone pelvic care modality to aid in improving the health of your cycles and as a complimentary service for all Pelvic Physical Therapy patients suffering from chronic pelvic pain, menstrual pain, pain with intercourse and birth or sexual trauma. 

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