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Ditch the Stess with PCOS

Ditch the Stess with PCOS

There are COUNTLESS fertility monitors and FemTech on the market that can blind you to making the right decision for YOU and your fertility journey.


This consultation pairs you with a Natural Family Planning Instructor to help you take the guesswork out of cycle charting and help you nail your fertile window. All phases of your menstrual cycle will undergo a thorough charting analysis and any cycle irregularities will be highlighted for you to take action if warranted.


Gain access to the latest evidence-based tips and hacks for making conception faster, easier and less stressful. Solely using ovulation strips and monitors just won’t cut it - learn the missing link to conceiving with PCOS.


Grab your pen and paper and get ready to learn about:


-Intro to Fertility Charting with PCOS & Cycle Analysis


-Review of the 4 types of PCOS and how to better naturally manage the specific types


-The Most Accurate way to use Fertility Charting AND Fertility devices for determining your fertile window with PCOS


-Review of Natural & Effective Ways to Get Back to Healthy Cycling


-Best Evidenced-based Research on Fertility Boosting Solutions to increase EGG QUALITY & SPERM HEALTH


-Discussion of best sperm- and fertility-friendly lubricants with natural ingredients that mimics natural cervical fluids


Master Fertility Charting With PCOS: Understand Your Fertile Window


And so much more…


A small investment of $65 will save you thousands later down the line. Get connected to an experienced and trained Natural Family Planning Instructor excited to help you gracefully navigate through your fertility journey with PCOS! This is an investment you won’t regret.


Time: 45 minutes


* All Fertility Optimization Consults are non-refundable.

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